Terms & Conditions

  • Please be polite with staff & other guests
  • If any natural disaster or government restrictions take place we will try our best for you.
  • will provide you with proper assistance for the activities carried out. During any activity any small injury takes place we will provide you a First Aid Kit
  • The tent is provided to the customer once accommodated no change will be done to shift the tent.
  • Participation of guests is voluntary if any accident, injury, damage or loss of expensive goods we will not be responsible for any cause.
  • We do not offer any storage facilities if you leave your products or property on the campsite or Inside the tent we will not be responsible for any cause.¬†
  • The music player must be kept in a medium volume level¬†
  • After 10 PM Music will be stopped
  • The conduct and behavior of the guest should not cause any harm to the other members. Strict actions will be taken against them by us and they might ask to leave immediately. Under such circumstances, no refund can be done.
  • swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited
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